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3GTimes Exclusive Interview: Mohit Gadkari on Innovation and AI Leadership

Exploring the Intersection of Technology and Social Impact

Mohit Gadkari is a seasoned technology leader with over 15 years of experience in cloud computing, security, and DevOps. He is renowned for his expertise in generative AI, where he has been instrumental in driving innovation and fostering collaboration within the tech community. Mohit’s dedication to diversity and inclusion has earned him recognition as a thought leader, speaker, and mentor in the technology industry.

3GTimes: How do you plan to continue your work in Generative AI, collaboration, and knowledge sharing? Are there any specific projects or initiatives you’re particularly excited about, and how do you envision them pushing the boundaries of innovation in the tech industry?

Mohit Gadkari: I plan to continue my journey in Generative AI by fostering collaborations with experts, participating in specialized tech conferences, and hosting local tech meetups to facilitate knowledge sharing among bright minds. I’m particularly enthusiastic about the potential of AI in healthcare, where it can revolutionize disease diagnosis, clinical documentation, and treatment personalization. By pushing the boundaries of innovation in these areas, we can significantly improve healthcare outcomes and enhance the overall quality of life.

3GTimes: Can you elaborate on your journey through the worlds of Cloud, Security, and DevOps over the past 15 years? What milestones and experiences stand out in your mind that have shaped your expertise in these fields?

Mohit Gadkari: Over the past 15 years, Cloud, Security, and DevOps have largely shaped my career. From mastering automation and cloud migration at a leading bank to spearheading DevSecOps initiatives and architecting innovative solutions at product-based companies, my journey has been marked by continuous learning and impactful projects. Noteworthy milestones include leading critical API migrations to the cloud, launching successful container deployments, and championing cloud security measures through SOC2 audits.

3GTimes: With your passion for Generative AI, could you share some insights into how you’ve been staying up to date on the latest trends in technology and how this passion has influenced your career trajectory?

Mohit Gadkari: My dedication to Generative AI is fueled by continuous learning through research papers, tech conferences, online communities, and relevant blogs/newsletters. This passion has not only enhanced my expertise in machine learning but also facilitated collaborations and expanded my professional network. It’s been a driving force behind my career growth, enabling me to take on exciting projects across different industries and make a considerable contribution to AI research and development.

3GTimes: Your impressive accomplishment of earning seven industry-recognized cloud certifications speaks volumes about your commitment to continuous learning. How have these certifications contributed to your professional growth, and how do you see them impacting your future endeavors?

Mohit Gadkari: Earning those seven certifications has contributed significantly to my professional growth by boosting my skills and confidence and opening doors to exciting opportunities. These certifications have not only validated my skills and expertise but also provided me with the knowledge and confidence to tackle complex projects. Moving forward, I see them playing a pivotal role in my career advancement, enabling me to take on leadership roles and mentor others in the field of cloud computing.

3GTimes: Being recognized as a thought leader in the AI community is a significant achievement. Could you shed some light on the initiatives or contributions that led to this recognition, and how do you envision leveraging this status to further drive innovation in the tech industry?

Mohit Gadkari: Being considered a ‘thought leader’ really began from my active engagement in the generative AI community through social media, blogging, speaking engagements, and mentorship of others. By sharing insights, promoting diversity, and advocating for responsible AI implementation, I aim to inspire others and foster innovation in the tech industry. Leveraging this status, I plan to continue collaborating with experts, mentoring aspiring practitioners, and advocating for ethical AI development.

3GTimes: Transitioning into the role of an architect designing solutions marked a significant milestone in your career. Could you share some insights into how this role has enabled you to apply your expertise in Cloud, Security, and DevOps to architect innovative solutions?

Mohit Gadkari: As a systems architect, I leverage my expertise in Cloud, Security, and DevOps to design innovative solutions that address complex challenges and requirements. By combining scalable cloud technologies, robust security measures, and efficient DevOps practices, I create comprehensive solutions tailored to meet client needs while driving innovation in the tech industry.

3GTimes: As a public speaker at global conferences, you’ve had the opportunity to share your knowledge with diverse audiences. What are some key messages or insights you’ve shared during these speaking engagements, and how do you believe they’ve resonated with your audience?

Mohit Gadkari: Through public speaking, I’ve emphasized the transformative potential of generative AI, highlighted ethical considerations, stressed the importance of collaboration, and discussed the future of work in the AI era. These insights have resonated with audiences by inspiring discussion, fostering awareness, and encouraging proactive engagement in shaping the future of technology.

3GTimes: Your commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology industry is commendable. Could you elaborate on some of the initiatives or strategies you’ve employed to foster a more inclusive workplace culture, both locally in San Diego and on a broader scale?

Mohit Gadkari: Initiatives such as establishing employee resource groups, implementing mentorship programs, adopting inclusive hiring practices, and engaging in community outreach have been instrumental in fostering a more inclusive workplace culture. By promoting diversity and inclusion, we not only create a more welcoming environment but also harness the full potential of diverse perspectives and talents.

3GTimes: Mentoring high school students and guiding job seekers towards STEM careers is a commendable sign of your dedication to giving back to the community. Can you share any memorable experiences or success stories from your mentoring endeavors that have had a profound impact on you?

Mohit Gadkari: Mentoring high school students and job seekers in STEM careers has been incredibly rewarding. Witnessing their growth, success, and impact on the tech industry is profoundly fulfilling. One memorable success story involves mentoring a non-traditional software engineering candidate who transitioned into a thriving tech professional, showcasing the transformative power of mentorship and dedication.

3GTimes: Your involvement in panel discussions, such as AI:Diversified, reflects your commitment to discussing Responsible AI and fostering diversity in tech. What are some key takeaways or insights you’ve gained from participating in these panels?

Mohit Gadkari: Panel discussions on Responsible AI and diversity in tech have underscored the importance of inclusive AI development, ethical considerations, and collaborative efforts in addressing societal challenges. By fostering dialogue, sharing insights, and advocating for responsible practices, we can drive positive change and ensure that AI benefits all members of society.

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