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Aki Technologies and @dudewithsign Partnership Promotes Elevated Social Marketing Standards


The leader in moment marketing and personalized advertising launched a campaign to inspire marketers to elevate their social media campaigns.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Aki Technologies, Media by Inmar Intelligence®, partnered with social creator @dudewithsign to call marketers to a higher standard with their social media campaigns.

Creator trust is increasing and shopping through social media by way of creators is on the rise.

According to an Aki custom survey of 1,000 U.S. Census balanced participants, 83% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers look to creators for purchase inspiration. Despite this growing opportunity for brands to leverage creators, there’s also a growing risk, with 75% of people thinking less favorably about a brand after seeing it navigate social poorly.

The effectiveness of a brand’s social media strategy is crucial, which is why Aki launched its latest campaign in collaboration with the iconic @dudewithsign, whose signature brand of humor and poignant cardboard sign messages resonate deeply with audiences.

Creator @dudewithsign took to the streets of New York to share a simple, yet impactful message, with a cardboard square reading “This is your sign to raise your standards.” The simplicity of the message resonates broadly, while its interpretation is uniquely relatable to each individual. The deeper meaning behind the pointed message was shared behind the signature cardboard sign via a digital billboard. Aki’s PSA in Times Square, the advertising center of the world, amplified that its social solution sets a new standard for digital advertising.

On May 13th, @dudewithsign shared this message by posting it on his Instagram Story, where he has over 8 million followers, as well as via a Facebook and X post.

This partnership exemplifies Aki’s commitment to delivering relevant content that captures attention in today’s oversaturated market.

“Too often, social media marketing delivers product placement without authenticity or value for a creators’ audience,” said Stephanie Bunnell, SVP of Marketing at Aki Technologies. “This exciting collaboration with @dudewithsign allows us to demonstrate how creator-led content can thoughtfully integrate a brand in a way that is personalized and celebrated.”

Aki sets a higher standard for digital advertising across mobile, digital out of home, CTV and social through its technology, which is leveraged by leading brands including Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Mars Wrigley. This includes its proprietary Fitscore technology, which uses data science to match a brand with creators and audiences that are a brand, audience and performance fit for their campaign goals. Aki expertly leverages social moments, which are identified based on machine learning and pattern recognition to pinpoint the top moments of receptivity in and beyond social—moments when an advertising message will capture an audience’s attention and be most memorable and action-inspiring. Creator personalization takes these efforts a step further. This includes original, licensed, brand-inspired content by hand-picked creators which overlays on advertising creative to help personalize a message to each audience, moment, and screen.

This technology has proven to be an effective way to engage social media audiences, receiving recognition from industry-leading publications and multiple awards, including a Digiday Greater Good Award for Aki’s influencer campaign with Procter & Gamble where the companies partnered to promote P&G’s scholarship program aimed to make education more accessible. Aki was the perfect partner due to its direct access to the voice of the student through its social solution. Aki has also been awarded several MUSE Creative Awards for its social media campaigns with Mars Wrigley and PepsiCo.

In a recent case study, Jergen’s Assistant Brand Manager, James O’Connor, validates the efficacy of this technology and Aki’s social campaigns. “Working with Aki to put together an influencer campaign couldn’t have been easier,” said O’Connor, “The partners they selected fit our brand perfectly and the content they produced looked fantastic!”

To amplify the reach of the impactful message shared by @dudewithsign, Aki is leveraging its technology and multichannel solution to reach the campaign’s primary target audience of digital media marketers during the moments they are most receptive to the message, such as during a Lunch Break Moment on their work break via a Digital Out of Home screen close to their office.

Aki’s collaboration with @dudewithsign is not only a campaign but a powerful demonstration of the inventive social strategies Aki offers brands and agencies. This partnership underscores Aki’s commitment to crafting resonant, valuable advertising experiences that cut through the digital noise. It also showcases Aki’s ability to identify and partner with top talent that aligns with brand objectives while reaching their desired audience.

About Aki Technologies
Aki Technologies, Media by Inmar Intelligence, empowers brands and retailers to reach people by targeting pivotal moments in the consumer journey with personalized advertising. With four personalization patents, Aki’s award-winning technology dynamically tailors advertisements in the moment based on region, weather, timing, and other historical and present factors. Proprietary transaction data elevates targeting precision, allowing advertisers to reach audiences according to their buying habits, informed by an exclusive deterministic data set. To learn how to reach people with personalized advertising during their most receptive moments across mobile, digital out of home, connected TV, desktop, social media and in-store displays, visit www.a.ki.

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