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Data Scientist Ben Auffarth Releases New Book “Generative AI with LangChain”

Generative AI with LangChain: Build large language model (LLM) apps with Python, ChatGPT and other LLMs

Offers definitive guide to the construction of LLM apps with Python, ChatGPT and other LLMs

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ben Auffarth, an experienced full stack data scientist, today announced the release of his new book, “Generative AI with LangChain: Build large language model (LLM) apps with Python, ChatGPT and other LLMs” on Amazon.com. The book provides the definitive guide for the construction of large language model (LLM) apps with Python, ChatGPT and other applications. Programmers interested in OpenAI, Gpt-3. Gpt-4, and ChatGpt will find the book valuable as they navigate LangChain LLMs.

This comprehensive introduction to LLMs and LangChain demystifies the basic mechanics of LangChain and discusses applications in which it can be integrated. It empowers users, such as agents and personal assistants, to integrate with web searches and code execution. Readers can pursue the goal of becoming agile in the LangChain framework and developing “production-ready applications.”

“I wrote the book for developers, researchers and anyone interested in learning more about LLMs,” said Auffarth. “People who want to get the most out of LLMs, both beginners and experienced developers, will find that the book is a valuable resource. Stay ahead of the AI information curve in the LLM and LangChain arenas.”

Initial reviews praised Auffarth as an excellent writer. Cited for his depth of knowledge, he explains AI theory and offers real world code examples to help readers learn as they practice.

Key features of the book include information about the GitHub repository and how it is regularly updated to stay abreast of LangChain developments. The book also includes a discussion about LLMs with LangChain and an in-depth exploration of their fundamentals, ethical dimensions, and application challenges—along with what it takes to become fluent in ChatGPT and GPT models, from heuristics and training to scalable deployment.

“The book helps to build creative writing tools, develop sophisticated chatbots or craft cutting-edge software development aids,” Auffarth added. “The user will master the transformative power of generative AI with confidence and creativity.”

For a limited time, purchase of the print or Kindle book on Amazon includes a free PDF eBook.

About Ben Auffarth

Ben Auffarth, Ph.D. is a full stack data scientist with more than 15 years of work experience in computational and cognitive neuroscience. He has designed and conducted wet lab experiments on cell cultures, analyzed experiments with terabytes of data and run brain models on IBM supercomputers with up to 64k cores. He co-founded and is the former president of Data ScienceSpeakers, London.

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