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Dennis V. Bryant Unveils “Responsibilities of A MAN” – A Spiritual Guide to Define and Fulfill Men’s Purpose

“Discovering the True Essence of Manhood – Dennis V. Bryant’s Guide to Unveiling Men’s Divine Responsibilities”

GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a thought-provoking new release, author and life coach Dennis V. Bryant explores the fundamental question: What is the essence of being a man? In “Responsibilities of A MAN,” Dennis Bryant embarks on a journey to unearth the core responsibilities bestowed upon all men by God. Over time, these responsibilities have become obscured, misinterpreted, and, in some cases, ignored, leaving a void in men’s understanding of their divine roles.

Drawing from his personal spiritual odyssey and a diverse career as a life coach, mental health advocate, motivational speaker, and pastor, Dennis Bryant delivers an inspirational guide for men of all ages. The book serves as a beacon, illuminating the responsibilities men bear in four key aspects of life: their relationship with God, their self, their family (including wives, children, and family members), and their roles within the church and the community.

In “Responsibilities of A MAN,” Dennis Bryant meticulously outlines the four pillars of responsibility to God: fear, love, obedience, and worship. He underscores the importance of personal accountability for actions, words, gestures, thoughts, and choices. Men are guided on how to secure their families by immersing themselves in the study, teaching, and imparting of God’s Word. Bryant also emphasizes the need for men to exhibit love, care, and leadership within their church, among its members, and throughout their communities.

“Responsibilities of A MAN” transcends the realm of books; it is a spiritually-inspired manual designed to empower men to comprehend and fulfill their divine purpose, establishing profound connections to God, self, family, and community.

About the Author: Dennis V. Bryant is the proprietor of Dennis V. Bryant, LLC, where he passionately promotes holistic health by offering life coaching, mental health support, trauma, grief and loss counseling, marriage and relationship coaching, as well as Christian coaching. His journey is marked by remarkable milestones, including service as a war veteran in the United States Army, with deployments in over 28 different countries during the War on Terror and OIF/OEF war. Dennis has served as a pastor in Florida and currently co-founds RARE Ministry in Fayetteville, Georgia. He is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in Community Care and Counseling with a specialization in Traumatology, and he is a certified life and mental health coach. He wrote another book entitled “And There Was Light“.

What Inspired the Book: “Responsibilities of A MAN” was born from a pivotal moment in Dennis V. Bryant’s life. As he was about to enter into marriage, his pastor posed a profound question: “Do you know what it means to be a man, husband, and father?” This inquiry sparked a personal journey of self-discovery, as Dennis realized that he possessed only a basic knowledge of the roles and responsibilities that came with being a man. This book is his response to help men understand, embrace, and be held accountable for these responsibilities.

Key Message: The primary message of “Responsibilities of A MAN” is to ensure that all men possess the knowledge, understanding, and commitment to fulfill their responsibilities to themselves, God, family, church, and community.

For more information and to explore Dennis V. Bryant’s work, please visit www.dennisvbryant.com.

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