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EduTech DABIDA to Promote Global ‘Educational Equity’ through GeniClass

Experience Innovation: DABIDA”s Solutions in Focus

The 21st World Korean Business Convention

DABIDA Reaffirmed Commitment to UN SDG 4, Demonstrating Global Dedication for Inclusive Education through Extensive Initiatives

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 23, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — DABIDA, a prominent participant at the 21st World Korean Business Convention held from October 11-14, 2023, in Anaheim, California, USA, reaffirmed its commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4. The event brought together 29 promising Hi-Seoul Companies, sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government in collaboration with the Seoul Business Agency.

DABIDA takes center stage as an exhibitor at the convention, spotlighting its business and pioneering initiatives. As one of the 29 distinguished Hi-Seoul Companies participating in this event, the company unveiled a suite of cutting-edge products. This impressive lineup includes ‘GeniClass,’ an educational platform harnessing its LIMS engine to enable real-time, bidirectional video interactions, catering to both in-person and remote learning. Additionally, they introduced ‘GeniPen,’ a versatile digital-analog tool seamlessly integrated with GeniClass, and ‘GeniBot,’ an all-in-one educational robot designed to teach coding, STEAM, and artificial intelligence to learners of all ages.

Of notable mention is ‘GeniBot,’ an all-in-one educational robot, equipped with sensors, cameras, and Bluetooth connectivity, designed to teach coding principles to children aged four and above. This versatile tool supports various coding activities through both card-based and programming language methods, offering an all-encompassing educational solution.

Another flagship product from DABIDA is ‘GeniClass,’ a high-density interactive platform merging the best of online and offline education. Their recent partnership with MegaStudy led to the development of a comprehensive two-way education solution.

This platform, in addition to providing online learning capabilities, distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating ICT devices, particularly the GeniPen, which replicates the traditional teaching experience. Students can collect real-time data, including the timing and speed of GeniPen usage, along with their handwritten notes.

Eun Seung Lee, CEO of DABIDA, emphasized the company’s commitment to global educational equity, stating, ‘We are ready to go to any corner of the world in pursuit of educational equity.’ With partnerships established in over 20 countries and a globe- spanning outreach effort, DABIDA seeks to ensure educational equity through face-to- face interactions with potential partners. Lee expressed their readiness to serve anywhere, emphasizing that partners are more than buyers or counselors, and their network has grown through these collaborative relationships.

Lee further stated, ‘We aim to realize global educational equity beyond the borders of South Korea.’ DABIDA’s products and solutions were designed with a global vision, evidenced by their international certifications, including CE, FCC, CPC, BLE SIG, NCC, SRRC, CCC, RoHS, KC, NBTC, TELEC, ANATEL, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001.

In the face of formidable challenges associated with penetrating the highly competitive global market, particularly in the United States, the company remains poised for substantial results in the coming year. DABIDA’s compelling and interactive array of educational products is expected to yield concrete outcomes.

With unwavering determination, the company is resolute in its mission to lead the market in collaboration with its valued partners, championing the cause of educational equity through the implementation of DABIDA’s innovative solutions.

For further information, visit https://www.wearedabida.com


DABIDA is an EduTech company specializing in personalized learning solutions. The company’s products include ‘GeniBot,’ an all-in-one educational robot, and ‘GeniClass,’ a two-way video education platform powered by the LIMS engine. These tools enable teachers to provide personalized education, even in remote environments, covering coding, STEAM, and AI.

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