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HLX – Launches New $9.99 Subscription Service, Bringing Premium Features to All Content Creators

Branded Pages for Creators, Athletes, Influencers and More!

Our subscription model includes for all creators Personalized brand pages and media hub, White Glove Tournaments, SMS messages to your Followers, Unlimited Posts, Product Storefront, and USA Customer Support.

Included within our Subscription Model

An Inclusive Agency and Platform Supporting Creators of All Sizes. No Need for 100K Followers to Benefit from HLX Services!

We’re thrilled to introduce a new subscription model to empower your brand and engage your community. This marks a milestone in providing innovative, cost-effective solutions for the HLX community.”

— CEO Chris Kellum

RIDGELAND, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — HLX – High Level Experiences, a leading technology platform designed to enhance visibility, foster authentic connections, and unlock new creative revenue streams, is excited to announce the launch of its new $9.99 subscription service. The service, set to go live on Tuesday, June 20th, 2024, offers a suite of tools tailored to meet the needs of content creators, musicians, sports enthusiasts, and gamers.

The $9.99 subscription includes:

Page and Media Hub: A personalized branded page that aggregates all social media presence.

White Glove Tournaments: Community-based tournaments, leagues, and more with a proprietary bracketing system, ensuring compliance with game terms and regulations.

SMS Messaging: Direct engagement with the community through SMS notifications, bypassing social media algorithms.

Unlimited Posting: Frequent updates with unlimited posts about the latest content, brand deals, and announcements.

Product Store Front: The ability to sell digital assets and physical products directly to the audience.

US-Based Customer Support: Dedicated support tailored to individual needs.

HLX Founding Partner Patrick Willis states, “I’m happy to partner with HLX as their expansion reaches more people and gives them the ability to connect with their community.”

HLX’s new offering is designed for content creators of all types, including sports and gaming enthusiasts. The unique selling proposition of HLX lies in its ability to manage the setup of tournaments, ensuring compliance with game regulations through licensed partnerships with gaming companies. Additionally, the platform allows users to send branded SMS notifications to their community, enhancing direct engagement.

The gaming industry continues to experience exponential growth, with millions of players and viewers engaging daily across various platforms. HLX helps content creators tap into this booming market by providing tools to host compliant, engaging tournaments and enabling direct communication with their audience through SMS notifications. Gaming has always created connections and fostered growth for communities by bringing people together through shared interests and collaborative experiences. HLX allows creators to foster deeper connections and maintain active, engaged communities.

Susannah Harris, Director of Business Development, states, “I am happy to announce our enhanced technology platform’s more cost-efficient solution, empowering even more clients to cultivate and expand their personal brands. At HLX, we believe that it is imperative that each of our clients have unprecedented command over their personal growth and are excited to help foster that connection with their community through our new offering.”

High-Level Experiences (HLX) is a technology platform that consolidates social media presence, hosts gaming tournaments, and monetizes digital content through an SMS notification system for deeper, localized connections. Our mission is to provide creators, athletes, and influencers with the tools to build their brand on a professional level, connecting them authentically with their audience and unlocking new revenue streams.

Brooke Hubbert, the Chief Innovations Officer, adds, “Content creators are constantly seeking innovative ways to directly share vital information with their communities while also strengthening their connections. At HLX, we are developing tailored solutions that serve as steppingstones to success for each and every client, ensuring they can effectively engage and grow their communities.”

Previously a closed-door service, HLX is now expanding its reach to provide more creators with access to its features. This transition allows HLX to cater to a wider range of clients, from those needing minimal assistance to those requiring additional setup help. For users who reach out, HLX staff can assist in setting up their personalized page. This shift ensures that all users can benefit from HLX’s top-tier tools and services.

The launch of this affordable subscription service addresses the growing demand for accessible, high-quality tools that don’t compromise on service. By streamlining processes while maintaining a white glove approach, HLX aims to democratize access to top-tier features previously available only to select markets. The new subscription service serves as an agency for everyone, offering creators and athletes the advanced tools and support they need at an affordable price.

Visit the HLX website to create an account and explore the extensive capabilities available to elevate content creation and professional branding.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/721250609/hlx-launches-new-9-99-subscription-service-bringing-premium-features-to-all-content-creators

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