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Hytiva Leverages Advanced Push Notifications to Succeed Where SMS Fails

Push notifications in Hytiva apps that create engaging experiences for cannabis consumers.

Using push notifications to revolutionize customer engagement in cannabis.

Hytiva’s push notifications provide a clear identity to the user, options for audible or silent tones, and may include personalized content without these concerns.”

— Hytiva Press

MIAMI, FL, US, January 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hytiva, a trailblazer in the cannabis technology sector, is proud to showcase its innovative approach to customer communication and engagement, setting a new standard in the industry. In response to the recent restrictions imposed by major SMS carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile on cannabis-related text messaging, Hytiva has adeptly shifted to a more efficient and user-friendly method: push notifications through its mobile app and white-label platforms.

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Overcoming SMS Barriers with Cutting-Edge Technology

The strict policies of SMS carriers have led to the shutdown of even essential, non-marketing communications like delivery or pickup order statuses. This has presented a significant challenge for cannabis businesses relying on text messages to connect with their customers in ways they are already used to in other industries. Hytiva’s advanced push notifications are not just a workaround but a way to create more engaging consumer experiences. This technology enables uninterrupted, real-time communication, essential for order updates and customer inquiries and unlocks powerful new features for marketing to consumers in a way that respects their choices and privacy.

Enhanced Privacy and Personalization

Unlike SMS, Hytiva’s push notifications offer greater, device-based, privacy and control, allowing customers to opt-in for marketing communications such as flash sales, rewards, and exclusive discounts. This level of customization and control is not feasible with traditional text messaging services, which have explicitly blacklisted such marketing content, forcing legal cannabis companies into a cycle of switching messaging providers and using rolling phone numbers with no validation that they are from the company. Hytiva’s push notifications provide a clear identity to the user, options for audible or silent tones, and may include personalized content without these concerns.

Aligning with Industry Giants

Hytiva’s advanced implementation of push notifications places it on par with global leaders like Uber, Amazon, Doordash, and Grubhub. These companies have successfully utilized real-time messaging technology to deliver timely and relevant content to their users, considering factors like timezone, past interactions, and content relevance. Employing strategic push notifications yield higher engagement and customer satisfaction rates compared to SMS based communications because they provide more guarantees of delivery, better separation of timely order notifications vs less vital marketing communications, and more fine-grained user control of which they would like to receive anytime they receive a notification.

Creating Meaningful Connections

Beyond functionality, Hytiva’s push notifications provide a meaningful and identifiable source of communication. Unlike the impersonal nature of rolling text messaging numbers, Hytiva’s app-based notifications establish a recognizable and trusted channel, connected through all of Hytiva’s technology suite of services, enhancing customer relationships and brand loyalty. Customers that implement Hytiva’s white label app solutions are able to reach customers via their own push notification identity, making brand-specific messaging and tools available without developing their own mobile applications.

About Hytiva

Hytiva is a leading cannabis technology company, offering innovative solutions to both consumers and businesses in the cannabis industry. With a focus on customer experience and efficient operations, Hytiva continues to set benchmarks in the sector, driving growth and advancement through technology.

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