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Kim Kieran’s book “A Knight’s Tour: A Young Boy’s Journey with Chess” explores the challenges of raising a gifted child

A Knight’s Tour

Author book Writer Kim Kieran

Author Kim Kieran

Witness Max’s evolution from chess enthusiast to tournament champion in “A Knight’s Tour,” where he conquers opponents in both online and offline matches.

The book ‘A Knight’s Tour’ highlights the importance of understanding and nurturing a child’s interests. Parents can support their children’s hobbies and enlist educators to aid their development.”

— Kim Kieran

PITTSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kim Kieran is glad to introduce “A Knight’s Tour: A Young Boy’s Journey with Chess,” an inspiring tale that follows the remarkable journey of Max Monahan. Maxwell is a curious and creative young mind with an insatiable appetite for challenges.

Maxwell stands out among his peers, not just for his interest but for his inclination to correct his teachers’ mistakes. It’s a habit that occasionally lands him in trouble. Max finds solace in the world of Minecraft modifications and coding, uninterested in conventional school activities. His mother, Kim Kieran, is at her wit’s end.

Kim Kieran is an Asian American mother and the author of this captivating book. She found herself navigating the exciting yet exhausting challenges of raising a gifted and talented child. At 11, her son Dan, also known as Max in the book, delves into the world of chess, discovering a game that aligns with his love for logic and strategy.

In “A Knight’s Tour,” readers will follow Max’s evolution from a chess enthusiast in the school’s Chess Club. Therefore, his participation will make him conquer opponents in online and offline chess tournaments, including local and state competitions. The central question is whether or not Max has what it takes to win the US National Chess Championship. Does he have the strategic insight and maturity required for such a feat?

Kim Kieran, an author, drew inspiration from her personal experiences as a mother of a gifted child. She gave birth to Dan when she was 40 and quickly recognized his extraordinary abilities. At just eighteen months old, Dan had already learned to read and displayed advanced knowledge of shapes and colors during his daycare. When he started kindergarten, his teacher recommended placing him with fourth graders in Reading and second graders in Math.

Kim’s book details the challenges of parenting a gifted child, including managing high sensitivity and unique social difficulties. Her son’s advanced verbal skills have limited his popularity. The story also explores Dan’s passion for coding and chess, his boredom in conventional classes, and his struggles with low executive function skills.

The book, “A Knight’s Tour,” is a testament to the power of understanding and nurturing a child’s interests. Kim encourages parents to invest time in getting to know their children. Parents must support their hobbies and find compassionate educators to aid their development.

The book showcases Kim’s struggles while highlighting Dan’s growth as he delves deeper into chess. Set against the backdrop of New Jersey, where Kim resides with her husband and their son. The story celebrates resilience, passion, and each child’s unique journey.

For media inquiries, review copies, or interview requests, please connect with Kim Kieran at [email protected]

“A Knight’s Tour: A Young Boy’s Journey with Chess” is now available to make purchases at [https://www.amazon.com/Knights-Tour-Young-Journey-Chess-ebook/dp/B0CR7XZDHS]

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