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Leadership Author Edward Negrete Jr. Releases Book on Core Leadership Skills

Unveiling 12 Core Expertise in Leadership Excellence by Edward Negrete Jr.

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Even with technological advancement, it is still undeniable that leadership is still anchored on human connection and relationship management. Unlocking this perspective in “The Leadership Dozen” – the book underscores a unique view on the 12-Cs of leadership core skills and qualities that work hand in hand with the dynamics of human interactions. Understanding the critical role of a people-centered approach, ”The Leadership Dozen” highlights genuine connections and interactions to be a crucial driver of leadership wins.

“The Leadership Dozen” serves as a strategic map and guidebook for all leaders aspiring to influence positive changes in their teams. It also introduces techniques that can be utilized in augmenting current leadership skill sets and encourages leaders to proactively seek authentic engagements with team members.The core of “The Leadership Dozen” is the investigation of the leadership styles and skills of world-renowned leaders throughout history. It explores battle-tested techniques of leadership that have been employed in their respective pursuits and champion their causes. What is paramount in the heart of its’ pages is the value of a people-first leadership;connecting with people, having an understanding of root-level concerns, listening with empathy, and showing compassion. For aspiring leaders looking to climb the ladder, deepen connections, expand their network, and forge relationships, “The Leadership Dozen” is a valuable resource. It offers practical guidance to anyone focused on achieving and surpassing individual and team goals.

The Leadership Dozen’s call to action for every leader at every stage of development is to put time and energy into a metamorphic journey yielding impactful and tangible effects in people’s lives. This literary masterpiece can open up doors that the readers can explore when it comes to leadership potential. It helps harness those natural gifts of human connection and sharpen those skills of engagement that will have impactful results on the reader’s leadership journey.

The Leadership Dozen is a must-read for all!

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Leadership-Dozen-Every-Leader-Needs/dp/1669872815

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