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Leading Global Digital Transformation Provider, Peloton Consulting Group, Unveils Peloton HCM Breakaway Now for Oracle Cloud HCM

Helping HR Teams at Mid-size Enterprises Accelerate Time to Value

Peloton Consulting Group proudly announces the launch of  Peloton HCM Breakaway Now for Oracle Cloud HCM. A natural extension of Oracle HCM Accelerators launched earlier this year and aligned with Oracle’s newly announced Oracle HCM Now program. Peloton's HCM Breakaway Now enables mid-enterprise organizations with up to 15k employees to reduce implementation costs and complexity while rapidly gaining access to the essential capabilities they require as their business needs shift. This particular implementation offering incorporates best-in-class capabilities for customers deploying Oracle Cloud HCM enterprise solutions. By aligning people, processes, and technology, the Breakaway Methodology helps companies drive adoption and change, ensure results, and mitigate risk throughout the entire life cycle of their digital transformation.

This unique implementation offering integrates best-in-class features within the Oracle Cloud HCM enterprise solution. Using the Breakaway Methodology, which harmonizes people, processes, and technology, companies can drive adoption, effect change, guarantee results, and manage risk throughout the entire lifecycle of their digital transformation journey.

Peloton HCM Breakaway Now Benefits:

  • Accelerate time to value 
  • Adopt new capabilities quickly and easily
  • Maximize implementation cost and time
  • Apply Oracle processes and leading practices to define the scope
  • Plug-and-play configuration starter packs
  • Peloton recommended design and business processes based on in-depth expertise and delivery success

“Oracle and Peloton share a long history of working together to help customers succeed. We continue our shared commitment to innovation and customer success with initiatives like Oracle HCM Accelerators and again with Peloton HCM Breakaway Now," says Guy F. Daniello, CEO and Founder of Peloton. “Mid-enterprise companies experience unique challenges, from hiring and retaining top talent to managing a hybrid workforce; they’ve had trouble finding cost-effective HR tech solutions. But with our team of HCM experts, our specialized Breakaway Methodology, and flexible configurations, mid-enterprise customers can now smoothly deploy a holistic, straightforward solution in the cloud.”

Key Features of  Peloton HCM Breakaway Now for Oracle Cloud HCM Solutions:

  • Streamline Implementation and Integration: Peloton's plug-and-play configurations enable easy connection of HCM modules across all parts of the enterprise. Consistent processes and a single source of truth across essential business functions accelerate and simplify the journey to the cloud.
  • Drive Adoption: With over 250 HCM projects completed across Peloton’s teams, they enable companies to effortlessly plan, develop, enhance, and manage their clients’ Oracle Cloud HCM investments.
  • Increase Time to Value: By automating tasks, optimizing workflows, and incorporating intelligent analytics, businesses achieve faster time-to-value, minimize complexity, and are empowered to scale as the company grows.
  • Understand Scope and Pricing: Peloton Breakaway HCM Now offers transparent pricing models, supporting financial planning and decision-making without pricing uncertainties.

About Us: Peloton Consulting Group has the vision and connected global capabilities to help organizations envision, implement, and realize the benefits of digital transformation. Our team has the best practices, knowledge, industry expertise, and know-how. We make digital transformation a reality by leveraging Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Experience (CX), Analytics, and Data Management for the cloud. Through connected capabilities, we bring people, processes, and technology together. We help organizations go further fast. That is the Peloton way! www.pelotongroup.com

Contact Information:
Elizabeth Murphy
Vice President of Marketing and Customer Engagement
[email protected]

Original Source: Leading Global Digital Transformation Provider, Peloton Consulting Group, Unveils Peloton HCM Breakaway Now for Oracle Cloud HCM
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