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NuEnergy contracts as the third-party assessor of AI within Canada’s Benefits Delivery Modernization


Partners with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for AI Governance

We are delighted to deploy our innovations for the benefit of Canadians and our tools will assist the important role of an independent third party assessor of the AI vendor community.”

— Niraj Bhargava

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — NuEnergy.ai, a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) governance and management solutions, announces a contract with the Government of Canada for Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). This collaboration is set to test and develop solutions related to AI governance and guardrails within ESDC and its multi-year Benefits Delivery Modernization (BDM) Programme through the implementation of NuEnergy.ai’s Machine Trust Platform (MTP) alongside practical AI governance frameworks.

This contract further commercializes the use of NuEnergy’s Machine Trust Platform and AI governance Solutions after graduating last year from the Testing Stream of the Innovation Solutions Canada program. With graduation, NuEnergy solutions are now available for all

Government departments and have an approved path for procurement with the Government of Canada Pathways to Commercialization (PTC) vehicle for tested and approved Canadian innovations.

Under the contract, NuEnergy.ai will undertake a series of innovative methods aimed at exploring ways to practically implement AI governance for the ESDC BDM initiative. ESDC will test out the Machine Trust Platform and its related services across the BDM Programme’s AI undertakings. The multifaceted approach includes online AI Governance education, methods for agile updates to frameworks and policy, development of specific AI guardrails, and metrics on the MTP. It also encompasses continuous monitoring processes for governance dashboards, review triggers, and risk mitigation recommendations. Testing out the solution in an ESDC BDM programme environment will help to develop strong, robust and operational governance of AI solutions, while raising foundational awareness of AI related responsibilities within BDM teams.

A key element of the contract is for NuEnergy.ai to provide third-party AI assessment expertise and tools. Utilizing its tested and transparent methodologies, NuEnergy helps the customer to define guardrails, guides the assessment process through its Machine Trust Platform (MTP), which includes an oversight dashboard that monitors the AI over its lifecycle. NuEnergy.ai propels its customers to stay informed of their AI governance initiatives and ensure responsible AI implementations so they can build trust with their audiences.

Niraj Bhargava, Co-founder and CEO of NuEnergy.ai, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “The opportunity to leverage the power of AI needs immediate action and also guardrails. Public trust is built by adopting innovation and deploying it responsibly and transparently. We are delighted to deploy our innovations for the benefit of Canadians and our tools will assist the important role of an independent third party assessor of the AI vendor community.”

“Canadian technology companies are ready to better equip the federal government with innovative digital services, including artificial intelligence tools which can modernize service delivery in a way that benefits everyone.” adds Benjamin Bergen, President of Council of Canadian Innovators, “Public trust is essential in deploying these innovative services, and Canada enjoys a wealth of AI expertise, including third-party assessors like NuEnergy.ai, that can help show Canadians that the use of AI can be trusted.”

About NuEnergy.ai:

Founded in 2018, NuEnergy.ai is an AI governance software and professional services firm dedicated to building guardrails for organizations worldwide to mitigate risk and maintain trust in AI technologies. Specializing in practical AI governance, NuEnergy.ai collaborates with clients to develop frameworks based on international principles and standards, integrating machine trust measurement and qualified software techniques with its patented Machine Trust Platform methodologies including its Machine Trust Index. Learn more at www.nuenergy.ai

About ESDC:

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) works to improve the standard of living and quality of life for all Canadians by promoting a highly skilled and inclusive workforce, developing policies on education, training, and social development, and providing support to Canadian families and communities. Learn more at www.canada.ca

About BDM:

The Benefits Delivery Modernization (BDM) Programme is the largest IT enabled change initiative ever undertaken by the Government of Canada.

BDM seeks to create a single integrated platform to seamlessly deliver Service Canada’s core benefits: Old Age Security, Employment Insurance and the Canada Pension Plan. BDM will transform the way clients interact with Service Canada and the way employees interact with their work.

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