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Software Development and M&A Expert Hazem Abolrous Joins Crucial Roundtable on the Future of UK Private Equity Mid-Market

Charting a resilient path forward Hazem Abolrous participates in the Real Deals discussion on reinventing the UK mid-market landscape.

In a pivotal event for the UK's mid-market private equity sector, Hazem Abolrous, RingStone CEO and a distinguished leader in the M&A and software development space with over 28 years of experience, participated in a roundtable discussion with other distinguished leaders that served as the genesis of the UK Midmarket Report 2023. The London event brought together prominent mid-market private equity professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders to address the challenges and opportunities facing the UK mid-market in the current economic and political landscape.

The UK mid-market finds itself amid unprecedented challenges, including inflation, interest rates, deteriorating infrastructure, a strained workforce, widening socioeconomic disparities, and the looming prospect of a government change that could impact private equity. This gathering of minds sought to shed light on these formidable challenges and explore strategies for navigating them successfully.

Hazem Abolrous, CEO at RingStone, a global advisory firm serving private equity firms, offered valuable insights from his extensive career spanning various industries and regions. Before joining RingStone, Hazem had a distinguished 18-year term at Microsoft, where he held pivotal roles in software development, incubations, M&A, and cross-company transformation initiatives. 

Tackling threats was a key theme as participants delved into a comprehensive examination of the multifaceted challenges facing the UK mid-market, identifying areas of vulnerability and potential risks. The roundtable also explored the prevalent skepticism towards private equity and discussed strategies to improve public perception, expedite deal processes, and attract investors. Most importantly, the event facilitated a constructive dialogue on how the private equity industry can collaborate to demonstrate its positive impact on the UK mid-market to LPs, policymakers, and management teams.

"During our roundtable discussion, we ignited a beacon of hope amid challenging times, demonstrating that the UK mid-market private equity sector possesses the resilience, innovation, and collaborative spirit needed to weather any storm and drive positive change,” noted Hazem Abolrous, reflecting on the event. 

This roundtable discussion marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing dialogue about the future of the UK mid-market private equity sector. By bringing together industry leaders to address the challenges head-on and explore innovative solutions, the event has set a positive tone for the industry's future.

About RingStone

RingStone is a trusted leader in technical due diligence and company transformation, empowering global investments with deep tech insights and actionable expertise. Our seasoned team, with an average of 25+ years in technology and M&A, combines risk mitigation with value creation, ensuring scalable and exit-ready investments. Using AI, data benchmarks, and proprietary software, we offer unparalleled technology due diligence through a strategic business lens. Our commitment to clarity, efficiency, and trust provides a clear, actionable path forward for all stakeholders, from tech teams to business boards.

Contact Information:
Hazem Abolrous
Managing Partner
[email protected]

Original Source: Software Development and M&A Expert Hazem Abolrous Joins Crucial Roundtable on the Future of UK Private Equity Mid-Market
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