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Successful Eaglet Rescue After Being Blown Out of Eagle’s Nest

After falling Meadow hides under nest in thickets

Just before Meadow is rescued

Meadow, the youngest of two eaglets was blown out of the nest and saves itself by landing on the branch below

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SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eagle Country Celebrates Successful Rescue of Eaglet Meadow

Eagle Country is thrilled to announce the successful rescue of eaglet Meadow, following an unfortunate incident on April 3rd. Meadow, one of two eaglets born in our region, faced a precarious situation when s/he was blown out of the nest during adverse weather conditions. Left perched precariously on a branch below the nest, Meadow’s safety was of utmost concern.

After two days of uncertain conditions, Eagle Country, working with a certified eagle transporter, executed a swift and successful rescue operation to ensure Meadow’s well-being. With the combined efforts of our teams, Meadow was safely retrieved and subsequently transferred to the expert care of the Raptor Center of Tampa Bay, where they will determine the next best steps to take for Meadow.

Meadow, the younger of the eaglet siblings and laid on December 28th, alongside the older Swampy, laid on Christmas Day, holds a special place in the hearts of our eagle community. We are immensely grateful for the professionalism and dedication shown by all involved in Meadow’s rescue. It is a testament to the commitment of Eagle Country and the eagle community to protect and preserve our local wildlife.

We are confident that Meadow will receive the utmost care and attention at the Raptor Center of Tampa Bay and any subsequent facilities s/he may be transferred to. We are very optimistic that Meadow will be nurtured back to health and, in time, released back into the wild. This successful rescue underscores the importance of collaboration and swift action in safeguarding our local and precious wildlife.

Eagle Country extends its heartfelt thanks to all those involved in Meadow’s rescue and looks forward to updates on her progress in the coming days.

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Eaglet Meadow is blow out of the nest

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