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WowYow, Inc. Announces Grant of New AI Patent for Advanced Media Data Processing and Augmentation Technology

The AI patent enhances video and image processing, enabling efficient media data acquisition, feature identification, and dynamic augmentation during playback.

We are excited to include this new patent in our expanding portfolio of AI technologies. These advancements position us at the forefront of AI for media and augmentation technology.”

— Adam Boskovich

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, June 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — WowYow, Inc., a leader in artificial intelligence for media and augmentation technology, is thrilled to announce that it has been granted a patent for its cutting-edge technology designed to enhance the processing and augmentation of media data, including video and images. This patent, building on the foundation of a broader patent previously secured, encompasses a variety of pioneering claims that significantly enhance our capabilities.

Publication Details:
● U.S. Patent Application No. 17/468,603

Here is a summary of the key claims allowed in the patent:

Media Data Processing and Augmentation:
● Our technology can obtain media data via a network interface, identify unique contextual features within the media, communicate with network entities to process this data, and augment media data during playback based on the identified features and received data.

User Interaction Data:
● The system can capture user interactions with the media and use this data to further refine the augmentation process.

Algorithmic Analysis:
● The technology includes capabilities for algorithmic analysis of media, such as identifying shapes, colors, and human features.

Functional Partitions:
● Media data processing is divided into functional partitions, each utilizing different algorithms to characterize the media effectively.

Ephemeral Containerized Applications:
● These partitions can be implemented using containerized applications that perform specific characterization tasks.

Hierarchical Framework:
● The technology uses a hierarchical framework to dynamically select analytics routines, optimizing computational resources.

Code Script Utilization:
● Media data can be obtained and processed using code scripts associated with web pages or Internet sources.

Unique Identifier Communication:
● The system can transmit data enabling the identification of media as unique versions or variants of common assets.

Real-time Processing:
● For live media streams, the technology supports real-time processing and augmentation based on user interactions and contextual features.

Distributed Processes and Databases:
● The system includes distributed processes and databases that work together to analyze media and provide augmentation data to user devices.

Innovation at the Core of Market Expansion:

“As the artificial intelligence industry continues to expand, securing distinct and innovative AI technologies becomes increasingly challenging,” said Adam Boskovich, CEO, Founder, and Tech Visionary at WowYow AI. “We are excited to include this new patent in our expanding portfolio of AI technologies.

These advancements position us at the forefront of AI for media and augmentation technology, opening new avenues for enhancing user experiences and interaction with digital media. We are excited about the potential this patent brings to our company and look forward to leveraging it to deliver innovative solutions to our clients and users.”

Market Trends and Investment Insights:

As investments and interest in AI technologies have grown significantly, WowYow continues to position itself strategically within this evolving market. Gary Twait, Advisor and Investor at WowYow, highlighted the strategic importance of such developments: “Patents are not just about protecting technology; they are crucial assets that can significantly increase a company’s valuation.

Our strategic approach to patent filing gives us leverage in negotiating new partnerships and helps WowYow maintain a competitive advantage in a technology-driven market. As we expand our patent portfolio, we secure not only our technology but also the financial future of our stakeholders.”

A Visionary Approach to Digital Media:

Jarett Boskovich, who leads WowYow’s Media and Advertising Division, highlights the strategic role of the newly granted patent in reshaping the digital media landscape. “This patent is central to our strategy, addressing the rapidly evolving digital media sector, particularly as it shifts towards more privacy-focused and AI-enhanced solutions,” said Boskovich.

“As the industry moves away from traditional practices like cookie-based tracking, WowYow’s solutions are uniquely positioned to lead and redefine market standards. Our technologies have enabled media publishers and advertisers to effectively monetize digital content. However, the vast potential of our comprehensive suite of products extends beyond simple monetization. We are excited to explore patent licenses within the media industry to revolutionize how media is classified, consumed, and monetized globally,” Boskovich added.

Moreover, Boskovich sees significant opportunities within the programmatic and performance landscapes. “There’s a substantial need for a more comprehensive approach to media classification and providing metadata through various bidstreams,” he stated. “This capability, combined with our patent that facilitates video augmentation like searchable and shoppable video, sets us apart. We are now poised to lead the market, and our focus is on forging partnerships and encouraging widespread adoption of this technology among all media stakeholders.”

Contact Information:
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● Marketing & Media Relations: [email protected]
● Business Development & Licensing: [email protected]
● Investor Relations: [email protected]

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/723171268/wowyow-inc-announces-grant-of-new-ai-patent-for-advanced-media-data-processing-and-augmentation-technology

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