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“Out of My Hands” by Producer Andreas Savvaides Featuring Bellayer: Playful, Uplifting, and Ready for the Pop Charts

“Out of My Hands” by Andreas Savvaides Featuring Bellayer

Norwalk, CT-based producer Andreas Savvaides

Norwalk, CT-based producer Andreas Savvaides

Norwalk, CT-based singer-songwriter Bellayer

Norwalk, CT-based singer-songwriter Bellayer

Pilot Light Records is pleased to announce “Out of my Hands,” by emerging producer Andreas Savvaides, featuring vocals and lyrics by Bellayer.

That Andrew Savvaides and Bellayer are both ridiculously talented goes beyond saying; he with a fresh production style, and she with a huge, powerful voice.”

— Marc Alan of Pilot Light Records

NORWALK , CT, USA, February 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — When emerging Norwalk, CT-based record producer Andreas Savvaides met Norwalk, CT-vocalist Isabella Bardos, while attending Factory Underground Tech (Norwalk, CT-based recording and video production school,) it was the beginning of a strong friendship and a productive musical partnership. That partnership has resulted in their first commercial collaboration, “Out of My Hands,” on Pilot Light Records. The track features Bardos, who records under her artist name Bellayer, a shortened version of her full name Isabella Ayer Bardos.

Until he met Bellayer, Savvaides had been focusing on hip hop production, making beats, and working with various local rappers, and vocalists. Once he heard Bellayer sing, he began to think of how they could work together.

“I knew how much of a powerhouse she was vocally. That was what first got my attention. At the time I was just making hip hop, and R&B tracks, and I wanted to experiment with different music styles, especially for a female artist,” he said.

“Andreas heard my songs and heard me perform at a couple open mics at Factory Underground Studio, as well as performing at school open houses for Factory Underground Tech. He said he would love to work with me and use my voice for a song. Andreas is a beat maker, producer, sound engineer and more. He is super talented and I was overjoyed with him wanting to work with me,” said Bellayer.

“When we found the time we sat down together, and went through some unfinished projects of ours. We came across the “Out of My Hands” track he had. We realized we had both used the same video game beat in the background of two different projects; we took it as a sign this was the one [to complete together]. We toyed with the idea of making a song about playing video games with someone you’re in a relationship with. That was where it all started,” she said.

“It felt like we both stepped out of our comfort zones while making “Out of My Hands.” Taking on the challenge together gave us a strong bond that makes us both want to work together again,” Savvaides said.

“That Andreas Savvaides and Bellayer are both ridiculously talented goes beyond saying; he with a fresh production style, and she with a huge, powerful voice. But the qualities that really impressed me are their drive and persistence in pursuit of careers in the music business. That’s the magic ingredient to success that artists either have or they don’t,” said Marc Alan of Pilot Light Records.

In addition to an outstanding vocal performance, the track features lyrics by Bellayer that clearly point to a wealth of lyrical talent uncommon in a writer of 22 years of age.

Like many songwriters, Bellayer began writing songs to express her innermost feelings, even before she knew how to put them into words: “I would love to write songs that made no sense to anyone else, but made sense to my little brain…writing for me has always helped me process feelings and guide myself through different love stories or friendships with people,” she said.

As it happens, her teen years were far from idyllic, as she struggled with traumatic relationships that left her feeling tainted, and dissociated. These experiences left her “feeling unreal…feeling as if the love I receive is fake or that the love I am giving is not enough,” she said.

Dealing with additional challenges of verbal and physical abuse in these relationships, Bellayer began to find healing in her songwriting. She slowly began to love herself again, and trust in her love for others. Recovering her self-esteem, she has since blossomed into a songwriter with a depth of feeling and vulnerability in the process.

“Out of my Hands” has a lyric of poetic quality, with a subtle, almost-hidden meaning.

“You take the darkness out of my hands” is a lyric I’m proud of because it’s both literal and metaphorical. I have always been insecure of how my hands look physically; the person who inspired the song helped take that insecurity away,” said Bellayer.

“I only hope I can provide healing to others through my music or whatever art I can create,” she added.

“Out of my Hands” is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major platforms, as well as featured on the Pilot Light Records website.

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